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My wife’s parents have played a tricky role


Assalamualaikum, I liked a girl under the light of deen and Islam. I made her practicing Islam and deen under the rahaamat of Allah. I am a student of 4th year. She is 3year older than me but our love is totally based on deen and Islam  under the boundaries of Islam. So we found our best so after 9months we got married secretly by a Qazi and Evidences. But our parents don’t know this. Now the girls parents have come to know about our friendship and they approached to me and asked me that they want to talk to my parents but they played a very trick role. They phone called my father and said that sir my girl and your son like each other but our CAST is different we have losts of differences in ours and yours . So please make understan your child understand and I will handle mine. And now after a month the girls parents agree that they  will do our marriage  but it should take place in a year. Which is not possible because I am in my final year and I need atleast 3 year to get a job. So they had played this tricky role both the times and then my wife is also  thinking that her parents are ready for our marriage. And the situation is to tough that she has uttered for TALAQ …AS I KNOW THAT IN ISLAM TALAQ UNDER PRESSURE OF PARENTS OR WITHOUT ANY VALID REASON IS NOT GIVEN AND IS GUNAAH . HIS FATHER IS ASSISTANT SUB INSPECTOR AND MY FATHER IS ALSO A COLECTRATE STAFF woking  in the GUIDENCE of DISTRICT MAGISTRATE. SO BOTH THE PARENTS ARE REPUTED ONE. BUT WE ARE ALREADY MARRIED PLEASE HELP HOW TO SOLVE THE SITUATION AND SAVE OUR NIKAAH.. BECAUSE WE LOVE EACH OTHER BECAUSE WHEN WE OUR CLOSE WE ARE ABLE TO DO BEST PRAYERS AND NAMAZ. BUT GIRLS PARENTS ARE PRESSURING TO REPLY IN 7 DAYS OTHERWISE NOTHING WILL BE POSSIBLE FROM OUR  SIDE. PLEASE HELP ME,  HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS SITUATION.

Wa alykum salam
According to Ayatullah sistani if an unmarried woman wants to get married and she is not independent i.e  she is dependant on others in making decisions and  other chores of her life,it is obligatory on her to seek the consent of her father or grandfather.Rather,even if she is independent,she must seek their consent,as a matter of compulsary precaution.
And if this act is done without the pemission of the actual guardians(either father or grandfather),then the nikah is void unless the guardians announce their acceptance to this nikah.
Therefore in your case,as you’ve mentioned that they have agreed to your marriage if it is done within a year,i would  say take advantage of this opportunity,otherwise you might have lose each other.
You might not be able to give enough facilities to your wife but inshaAllah gradually your life will improve.
Sometimes in order to gain some valuable things in our life,we need to give up some other things.
Sukaina Taqawi.