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My wife has issues with my mothers and is demanding a separate house.


My wife does not want stay with my mother she always tells bad about my mother. I try a lot but she wants another house and is always fighting and now since some time refuses to make sex with me .


Waalaykum salam

Sorry to hear about your situation.

I would suggest you find out what the reason of her worries are. And then try and find a solution to that.

Also speak to your mother and find out what she has to say. You can then ask an elderly, or an Aalim to speak to both the women and resolve the issue.

Communication will really solve your issue. Make sure you have a kind and understanding tone with both of them.

Just to help you explain both of them you should let them  know that your mother is now her mother for life, even if (God Forbid) you divorce her.
They have independent relation regardless of you in the middle and answerable for it to Allah (swt).

Kind regard