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My wife does not like to have sex. What should I do?


I have been married since 2014. From the last three years when ever I ask her she refuses to have sex. When I become angry only then she agrees. What should I do? I am 28 years old. She does not like to have sex in a week. She says that we should do only once in a month. And it is very difficult for me. Please guide me under the right way.

Wa alaykum salam
I think first of all, you should speak to her and explain to her that one of the reasons marriage is recommended in Islam is because it is a means through which one can fulfill his sexual/emotional needs and attain satisfaction.
If this satisfaction is snatched from a person it can cause him a lot of harm.
You can seek help from a good friend, councelor, psychologist.
Another thing is that your wife might be going through some hormonal changes in her body, visiting a gaenocoelogist can be helpful.
S. Taqawi.