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I am fed up of repeating myself my wife just never wants to clean up the mess


I have been married now for 5+ years and we’ve been living in our own place , I help my wife as much I can around the house and working full time , for the past 3 years our kitchen and the rest of the house is always a mess and I am fed up of repeating myself my wife just never wants to clean up , yes at times she’ll clean up etc etc but our kitchen is a complete junk , everything else she cooks etc etc , the bedroom has a pile of clothes that have been there for years and kitchen is just a state and sometimes when I come back from work the living room including table is a state My question is what do I do ? How do I beat with this ? I have even thought about re marrying as I do not want to live like tramps , I’m always asking her to pray or read too but this is never done either


Waalykum salam 


Thank you for your Question.
So not everyone is same! She must be trying hard but then is unable  to cope with the entire thing.
Maybe you should consider house help so that your wife gets extra hands to look after the house.
Also, one very effective way to help would be to clean the house completely for once and then start a routine from the very next day. That way, you don’t have to clean the entire house everyday rather a room a day. Except the laundry and the dishes that may need everyday attention.
Whatever the case, this is not a fair enough reason to leave your wife. Just because she is not ale to clean up and keep up with the chores you can’t leave her.
Instead you should try and provide some house help so that you can enjoy each other’s company in much cleaner and organized environment.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery.