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My son’s condition has worsened is this jadu on him or something else?


My son is suffering in blood cancer. His all reports going good and he recovering. But suddenly he turned to critical condition and Fitz started. Doctor said that all reports is right we can’t understand what happened. He frightening to everyone and not sleeping still stairing.kindly tell me either it’s a jaado or something else . Kindly reply me fast. me sitting in hospital and have not a sufficient time.kindly help me.


Waalykum salam
Really sorry to hear about your sons condition
May Allah help him through this and restore his health InshaAllah.

If anything of the sort worries you, then please recite last two ayahs of sura al-Qalam seven times and blow the breath towards your son.

Set aside charity, and recite ziarat Ashura.
Speak in plenty to Allah. After all, whatever it maybe, Allah has the power on it all and is the most powerful.

InshaAllah all goes well
In my duas