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My son is diagnostic with cerebral palsy, i know all this is from Allah swt, i have a question why me??


Salaam alaikom dear brother!
I am 27 old married person and father of 2 kids, my first baby is a boy and he is 3 years old and my another baby is a girl she is 15 months old.
My son is diagnostic with cerebral palsy.
I was in India for 4 years study and I have never done any ZINA or any other KUBRA guilts there.
When I graduated from India I got married.
I am a religious person and I always do SALAH, fasting and etc.
I know that everything is coming from ALLAH SWT, and I don’t have any doubt about it.

Sometimes I am thinking that why my son is diagnostic with cerebral palsy because I have never done an ZINA I was not in a illegal relationship with other women in my entire life.

I am also quilty like everyone, but again this thing is always coming in my mind about my son.
That why me?

I just want to ask you brother, that how I should find bad things in my self that hurting my son?

Thank you


بسمه تعالی

الهم صلی علی محمد و آله

Wa alaykum salam dear brother

Insha allah I hope this correspondence finds you in the best Iman and health

There are things that many of us go through, myself included, that we do not know the wisdom behind that particular event. But you are already on the right track with the understanding that it comes from Allah (swt) and there is a wisdom behind it. We may never know that wisdom, nor is it necessary to see events like this in a negative light. There is no reason to believe that this is punishment for an act or thing that YOU did.

Look at it as an opportunity to get closer to Allah (swt). Words are easy my dear brother, I know, but this blessed and beautiful child will make your connection to Allah (swt) stronger. Why? One possible example is that you will, insha Allah, continue to pray for this child, wont that make your connection with Allah (swt) stronger? Insha Allah it will

Secondly, one of the ethical guidelines we have is that we should be thankful for our blessing, Now you may ask how is this a blessing? Again words are simple, it requires a deep realization and self -reflection and ultimately assistance from Allah (swt) and the Ahlul Bayt (as) for it to take shape. But, consider how many people do not even have children, never seen a child of their own smile, may Allah (swt) assist them. Or for example, in our current climate, the children or Palestine and Yemen, your son, Alhumdulillah is safe and not in danger of what some other children are going through, or more especially, what their parents are.

What I am trying to say is try not to look at what you do not have and rather appreciate what you do. And don’t look at these things as ‘punishments’.

Allah does not task any soul beyond its capacity (2:286)

Indeed ease accompanies hardship (95:5)

Insha Allah I hope this was helpful and Allah (swt) know best

Keep praying and preforming your Wajibats

Remember us in your prayers as well

Was Salams