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My Brother’s Relationship


I am in a great confusion.we have a very respectable family my father and grandfather had a great respect and in our big family and in our area. We are four brothers and 2 sisters. My father is recently passed away in feb 2016. I am.the eldest of my brothers and sisters. Me and my younger brotger we both are living abroad in diffrent countries. When my father passed away in feb we both went to pakistan. Me and my younger brother are married. When my brother was in pakistan his wife got pregnant. Now after four months when my family took my brother wife to doc the doctor told that she is pregnant for 8 months and the baby is due next month. My brother was only there in feb and stayed there for two.month feb and march. Now when my mother ask my brother wife she told that she had affair with one of our neighbour and that is his child. Now i am the eldest in the family what should i do as we have a great respect in our family and in the whole area. We did not tell our younger brother till now he is abroad. What decision should i take as the eldest of family should i ask my brother to give talaq to his wife and what should we do with the baby to.come.

Please this sitiuation asap.


Salaam alaikum

You should exercise patience and wisdom and not jump into any conclusions. Let the baby be delivered and the mother recover them conduct a calm investigation. No one should be accused without evidence. You must avoid emotionally based decisions.

With duas

Sh. Mohamed