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My sister in law is not ready to take care of my Parents in their old age.


My father spent 30 years in saudi and mom took care of us in mumbai. I am married daughter and other sister is doing her academics.
My eldest brother got married 3 months back.
My parent are living with brother and his wife but his wife is not ready to take care of my parent which is creating issues all over.
What does islam says about it?
Are my parent (60 yrs) not his and his wife’s responsibility?
Is she not supposs to cook for them?


Salaamun alaykum

Thank you for your email
It is wajib on the son to take care and support  his parents financially if they cannot support themselves.
There is no duty on the daughter in law according to the Islamic law but ethically it would be nice of her to take care of them.
If it is not possible for the son to keep his parents with him, then he should get them another house and continue supporting them and be kind to them and help them in every way he can.
Answer given by Ayatullah Sistani’s office.
Kind regards,