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My question is do I need to inform my first wife about my second wife?


Salamun Alaykum

I have taken a second wife without the permission of my first wife.
There were no conditions in the nikkah contract with my first wife which prohibit a second marriage.

The reason I took a second wife was because my first wife is deaf and cannot speak. We can only communicate through sign language. Since my first marriage I had become lonely and depressed because of the lack of communication with my first wife.
The second marriage has helped me manage the pressure and the responsibilities of my first wife and has helped improve my relationship with her.

My question is do I need to inform my first wife about my second wife? She does not know about my second wife and if I do tell her then it will cause the first marriage to break and the children from my first wife will also be affected. What is the religious requirement in this regard?


Salaamun alaykum
Thank you for your question.
Ruling 2411. A person cannot marry his wife’s niece without her consent. However, if he contracts a marriage with his wife’s niece without her consent and afterwards his wife consents to it, there is no problem.

A man who has a Muslim wife cannot contract marriage with women who are from among the People of the Book without the permission of his wife; rather, even with her permission, it is not permitted (jāʾiz) for him to marry them. As for those who consider themselves to be Muslims but are subject to the rules applicable to disbelievers, such as nawāṣib, (3) a Muslim man or woman cannot marry them in a permanent or temporary or marriage. The same applies to marrying an apostate (murtadd).

3Question: A Muslim man who is married to a Muslim woman migrated from his country. After a longthy stay in the West country, he wants to embark on temporary marriage with a woman from Ahlul Kitab just a few days after divorcing his Muslim wife. Is this permissible for him, espeually when his Muslim wife is still in her waiting period (al-‘idda)?
Answer: The temporary marriage mentioned in the question is considered invalid because the wife who is in the waiting period of a revocable divorce is still considered as a wife. It has just been mentioned that to temporary marry an Ahlul Kitab woman while one has a Muslim wife is not permissible [as a matter of compulsary precaution].

So there are two cases where a man has to take permission from the first wife:
1- if he wants to marry his wife’s nice.
2- if he wants to marry (only temporary marriage is allowed) an ahl kitaab.

Zahra Davdani.