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My Mother


Salaam alaykum,

i come from a single parent family, my parents got divorced few years back and i stay with my mother. after 17 years of marriage, my parents never got along well, my father never respected my mother. Six years back, my mother fell into a relationship with a married man who is a Sunni. The relationship is without Nikah or Mutah. The man had promised to give her a future and marry her, but till date due to fear of his family, my mother remains unmarried. Their relationship is quite deep.

I have tried my best to encourage my mother to marry, but the man is reluctant though he doesnt want to break ties with my mother. I have also tried to tell my mother to break ties with him, but she is deeply involved in this relatioship. I have tried everything to be honest, but in vain. My religious talks dont work with my mother though i am like her best friend. Now i have reached the point whereby i leave everything to Allah.

Please advice me on what to do. please try to put yourself in my shoes and advice me. the fact that my mother is in this illicit relationship gives me great difficulty.

Thank you


Alaykum Salaam

It is your duty to continue to help your mother as much as possible to see the grave sin she is committing with this man who does not want to make any commitment.
Adultery is detested by God and at least they should have a Nikah sigha recited  even if he does not accept Mut’a

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer