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My in laws always backbit about me to my husband…


Regarding my mother in law and her sister controlling my husband and he is so close towards them. They all backbite about me and they think their son is always their property and for each and everything he take decisions only by their words he doesn’t accept what the hell they do to me he always thinks they are good and best but those ladies dont deserve that respect… Always backbiting about me.


Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your question

Unlike what people generally think, marriage is not a bed of roses. A lot of effort and endurance is needed to make this relationship strong and successful.

According to what you have written, your inlaws are trying to create misunderstandings between you and your husband and you are looking for a way to handle this situation.

We as Muslims believe that nobody can cause any harm to us against Allah’s will. He is the one who protects us from all evil intentions.

But there is a condition, that we should not be part of evil ourselves. Evil and badness cannot be fixed by badness. Allah helps people who are obedient to Him, do good and want good for others.

If you want to win your husband’s heart, it is only possible by being good to him and his family for the sake of Allah. I know this is not very easy but with the help of Allah, you can make this possible.
You can imagine how tired he must always be having to hear his mother and aunt discuss his wife’s ill. And if the situation in the house is the same with you, then he has no tranquillity at all. This may fail him to make better decisions for his life with you too. Hence, it’s best to fulfil your duty, keep your intentions clear, support your husband, and leave the rest to Allah. Good intentions with Tawakkul go very far.

Make plenty of prayers for yourself, your husband and your in-laws. Allah is swift in accepting repentance and fulfilling one’s needs.

InshaAllah all goes well,
Our duas are with you
AAA under the guidance of Sukaina Taqavi