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My husbands second Nikkah , with the girl whome he loved before our marriage, isn’t this injustice with me?


I would like you to guide me to the truth.
My husband was in love with a girl and his family did not agree and he got married to me, he was still in love and contact with that girl and now he has done a second nikkah with that girl secretly .
I just want to know that isnt this injustice with me or He is on the right path? He said he loves her and does not want to keep things haram and he also said that if He will leave her it will destory her life? Then what about my life?
This has destroyed my life also.
Please guide me.


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

It is permissible for men to marry upto 4 wives but there are a lot of conditions into it. Example, he has to be fair to both of them. Give them equal attention and love etc

However, for a similar question, when I had contacted the office of Sayyid al-Sistani (D), they said if the marriage is going to destroy his first marriage than they don’t encourage it at all. Beaides all of those, a man has to have a genuine reason to want to marry more than a wife.

For you my sister, things has passed the above stages and they are already man and wife. I’m not sure if you had a condition in your nikah contract that if he wanted to marry a second wife, he had to first get your permission or so..
if you had such a condition then your husband is answerable
But if not, then I suggest you either live with the reality or speak to him and see what solution you come upto.

InshaAllah all goes well
Hopefully you can also seek some further advice from your local Aalim with more details InshaAllah