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My Behavior With My Husband


Assalam o alaikum…

I want to ask tht how I react about my husband’s behaviour against me in our private relation.I get married 3 months before….iits my second marriage n my husband’s too. when I get married before three months we were in Pakistan at tht time after my documentation im here in saudia with my husband.

its been now 12 days my husband didnt come near me not once…..and now im getting angry sometimes. …sometimes I feel awkward with him…he always says he need some time….4 what I dnt know….he never told me anything about time before marriage. Its our likely love marriage.

so plz tell me am I wrongly behaving with my husband or its natural behaviour against him.

what should I do….because now im in stress. im waiting 4 ur reply.thanx.


Alaykum Salaam

Although it is difficult to know the exact problem from just what you have
described, there is no doubt that his behaviour needs explaining.

Some people do need time and it is best to discuss without anger and
frustration. Ask him gently to explain his behaviour and if you think it
will help the situation, perhaps you can involve a local mediator to
advise the two of you.

Please do be patient and Inshallah things will improve

Kind regards