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My husband want to have a second wife but I dont want to. Can I divorce him?


I’m not yet married but what in the future, My husband would want to have a second wife but I dont want to (I’m the first wife), can I divorce him if he insists on marrying a second wife? Thank you.


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question, InshaAllah you are happily married and have a fruitful future. 
It is a right of a man to take a second wife IF there is a need. 
So for instance, if in the future, God forbid, if a wife is unable to fulfill all her duties as a wife then the husband has all the rights to take a second wife.
However, if a wife is certain before marriage that she can and is willing to fulfill all her rights as a wife to her husband, then she can keep a condition on her Nikah that he has to seek her permission before he marries a second wife. This is an agreed thing between the husband and wife to be. 
A wife, has no right to divorce. But she can certainly obtain one through an Aalim or Haakim of your community. (A learned cleric who has a permission to do this act through a Marja)
Hope this clarifies your Question. 
On a side note, let not this worry you! A woman is very powerful into keeping her husband hooked to herself and create that bond of friendship between themselves. 
InshaAllah all goes well.
Kind regards,
Naajiya Jaffery