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My husband uses drugs and has smoking habits…


Aselam walekum,

I am married and my husband uses drugs and has smoking habit. He didnt change anything and now I have to decide on my life and I want to know what the quran and hadiths say about this.

Salam Dear Sister.
I can understand the awkward situation you must be facing but you should decide if you want to resolve and keep your marriage at the expense of this situation or not.
 This depends on the quality of your marriage and the relationship you have with your husband.
Do you think you can still trust and love him despite what is going on in your life? If you think you’re able to, then talk it over and explain your husband politely but firmly.
Try seeking some elderly advice from a community member whom you can trust. Give it some more time before taking your final decision.
May Allah guide you to make the right decision, InshAllah.
Salma Alavi.