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My Husband has reduced his love and affection towards me, since I have disobeyed him.


I am in a very tensed situation please help me out and pray for me. My husband is very loving and caring. I did a mistake by not obeying his order. I asked Allah and him for forgiveness. He forgave me but he has reduced his love. I feel hurt. I feel like the world has been snatched from me. He talks to me but I can feel the  distance between us . I pray 5 times a day and have not been in peace ever since My Husband has been distant from me. Please suggest me what can I do


Waalykum salam sister

Thank you for your message.

I feel you need to speak to your husband about your feelings and regret. Be honest and open. Express your remorse and sadness. Also tell him how the distance is not what you like.
Also inform him that you’ve sincerely asked Allah for forgiveness and are hopeful that you can have a fresh start.

At times, all you need to do is speak and convey your feelings to him.

InshaAllah all goes well
You’re in my prayers