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My husband has my Gold. How should i pay my zakat?


Me and my husband are living separately from past about three years. My husband has refused to give me the Haq Mahar plus extra Gold given to me at the time of marriage. My haq mahar is 07 Tola Gold. My question is at which rate I will give Zakat this year? I don’t have that gold with me and my husband is having that in his possession.
Kindly reply early as I have to pay zakat in this Ramdhan


Waalaykum al-Salam
Thank you for your question

The gold in your husband’s possession is all yours and it should be returned to you. Haq al-Mahr is also your direct and clear right. Hence, he is indebted to pay both to you. And he can never own them.
As for Zakat. Gold in form of Jewelry does not have Zakat. Zakat is payable on coined gold and silver.

Question: If I save an amount of money throughout the whole year I know that I have to pay Khums from it. What about Zakat? Should I give Zakat from the amount also?

Answer: Zakat is not obligatory in that. Zakat should be given from the following items: Wheat, Barley, Dates, Raisins, Coined Gold & Silver, Camel, Cow, and Sheep (including goat).

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