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My husband has done a second Marriage, I need some guidance and prayers to be patient and get out of this pain forever.


I got married to my husband two years ago but have a 15-year-old association with him. A year ago, he remarried someone else secretly. When I came to know I was upset but he asked me for forgiveness and committed that he will leave the second wife with the time. I love my husband so much and want to live with him but every time he breaks the promises or fails in fulfilling his commitments, it hurts me a lot. I am unable to accept him with another woman.

I want to get disconnected and let him stay a happy life but I feel so sad and can not control myself. I start shouting and hurting him and myself. I need some guidance and prayers to be patient and get out of this pain forever.


Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your question

I sympathize with what you have to go through. I know you must be facing a very hard time.

During hard times the only One a person can turn to is Allah s.w.t. He is the one who solves our problems and He is the one who gives us patience and strength to face challenges.

One of the reasons why Allah tests us is to make us closer to Himself. And the one who becomes friends with Allah s.w.t, He(Allah) is enough for him.

One of the things that can help us to get close to Allah s.w.t is namaz shab (salatul lail). This namaz is prayed after midnight when everyone else is asleep, the best time to talk to our Lord. It is the solution to all our problems.
If you make a point to pray this namaz and remember Allah constantly during the day by reciting zikr, InshaAllah you will attain contentment and tranquility.

Also, sister, before you opt to leave your husband, get some counselling.  Speak to your husband and plan a way forward.

My duas are with you.

Sukaina Taqavi