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Husband Has Not Fulfilled My Rights



My husband has divorced me without paying my haq Mehr, my maintenance for the period I was his lawfully wedded wife, my gold jewellery and money loaned from me – despite the fact that all religious authorities asked him to do so. What does sharia say about this? He has left me penniless and gotten away with my money and belongings.

Does he fall into the category of ghasib and jabir or any other like Muqasir/non-adil etc? If yes, what does this mean?

I feel great injustice has been meeted out to me with no compensation as he has exploited all legal and religious commandments.



Alaykum Salaam

I am sorry to hear about this – it is not correct that he has not paid Mahr and taken your belongings. Zulm is a great sin in God’s eyes.

This matter needs to be referred to a local scholar who is respected by him so that an attempt can be started to investigate the whole situation from both sides and bring about a just and fair solution.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer