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Marrying my aunty


I’m a 14 year old guy. Years ago, I discovered masturbation and I became addicted to it. I found out after some time that it is haram. So I tried to stop myself but couldn’t. I’m trying again and nearly 21 days have passed since I did it last time. I’m gaining the ability to stop myself which is good, however my desires are taking advantage of me and making me think about haram things. I’m trying to stop myself but the thoughts seem to pop in my head from nowhere. My desires made me have crush on my unmarried aunt. I know that it is haram to marry your aunt. I was looking at some hadiths about marriage and misunderstood one about marrying your aunt. I thought that if your aunt wasn’t breastfed by your grandmother, your aunt is considered a non mahram. Out of confusion, I went and performed istikhara with the Quran. My intention were about if marrying my aunt was permissible or not and that if Allah is satisfied with what I’m intending to do or not. To my surprise, the istikhara was good. I was shocked. About a day later I performed istikhara with the Quran again. But this time, my intention was to do Muta’ with my aunt (temporary marriage/زواج المتعة). My intentions were that if Allah was satisfied with what I’m gonna do and if it was gonna put me or my aunt into trouble or not. It turned out good again. I’m still shocked. What does that mean? Can I marry my unmarried aunt? Please help me as I am very confused and in need of guidance.

Notes to be taken:
-The first istikhara I performed was Imam Ali’s method and I did it at around 1 a.m.
-I performed a different method of istikhara the second time and at a different time of the day.
-In the second istikhara I performed Sheikh Habib Allah Rushti and I did it after the morning prayer before sunrise.
-My aunt was never married (as long as I know) she doesn’t have any children or ex-husbands.
-My grandfather has passed away years ago.
-I live with my parents, brother, grandmother and my aunt in one house. (We live on different floors)
-Lately, my aunt has been going out of the house which means that the chance of falling into sin is very weak.
-My aunt is quite religious.


Waalykum salam

Thak you for your question

I must say you’re doing a good job in keeping away from the gunah. May Allah increase your strength and willpower InshaAllah.

your aunt is your Mahram ( fathers sister or mothers sister). And one cannot marry his/her aunt. It is Haram. Your grandmother has given birth to her hence, she is your real aunty! And your Mahram.

I believe you aren’t attracted because you have bad intentions, you are just Carried away with your desires. I suggest you keep busy, don’t stay alone and do some serious physical exercise to vent out your energies.

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also, the Istikhara aren’t correct in the first place because the subject of istikhara was not appropriate.

Hope this helps,