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my current job deals with rental cars which charges interest


Asalamu alaikum,

I need some Advice, on this matter:

I am considering a man for marriage but a disagreement took place when the topic of future work came up.
The brother I’m talking to has dreamt of working in a bank since young age, I disagreed with this as I heard that it was haram. He feels that if his job was not working with interest at all then it shouldn’t be haram, but from my research any job in a riba-bank would be considered haram even if it does not relate to interest.
In his opinion he believes that if that’s haram then my current placement work should be considered haram as well even though I work as a risk analysts.
This is because the company I work for rents Cars for disabled people and charges interest on it. I have signed a contract with this company and have chose to do a placement year at my university, I am not sure if I can leave.
Can you please give me a ruling on this? Does my placement year job consider as haram and do I have to leave it? If I am unable to leave it can I continue to work for this year only?

Also, can you give me the ruling and evidence for working in a bank when the role has nothing to do with riba, does my current job fall under this too?

Please respond as soon as you can. Jazakiallahu khayran for your time!

Kind regards


Salaamun alaykum
Thank you for your question

Is working in a bank right for a person even that Islam says that interest is illegal?

A- It is OK if there is no usury transaction.

2Question: Is it permissible to take interest from unbelievers, especially for those who live in a non-Muslim country?

Answer: It is permissible to receive interest from non-Muslims and their banks.

It is haram to work in any section of the bank which deals in transactions involving interest and the money which one earns doing so is haram to use. (The only exception to this rule is if the owner of the bank is Muslim then taking interest from a Kafir customer is halal and if the owner of the bank is a Kafir then giving interest to a Muslim customer is halal and of course taking interest from non Muslims is also permissible.)

Similarly, it is haram to work in any sections of the bank which work for companies that carry out transactions involving interest or are involved in any other haram activities, such as trading in alcohol. And any wages earned in these ways are haram to use.

But working for sections of the bank which don’t involve any of the above is halal and the money earned doing so is halal to use
So for your job, based on my understanding, your company lends the car to the person who ends up owning it after paying the monthly installments plus an extra amount, interest will not apply to the extra amount because interest is when you lend someone something and ask for more in return. While your company is only selling the car at a higher price.

But if it is otherwise, as in the company is actually receiving interest, then the same ruling as the bank will apply here, that if the customers are non Muslims, then recieving interest from them is permissible and thus your salary will be halaal.

Zahra Davdani