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Salam alaikum,

I am living Dubai. There are many massage centers out here. There are women who massage men. These women are mostly from far east and therefore are not muslim or christian. The Shia men here go for a massage saying they do Muta’. Is this permisible?

Appreciate your reply



Muta in the above mentioned case is not permissible.

I think the following fatwa of Ayat Sistani would be of some use to understand it more clearly.


For a Muslim man to marry a woman from Ahlul Kitab permanently is against the compulsory precaution in any circumstance. And his temporary marriage to a Jewish or a Christian woman is allowed, only if he is not already married to a Muslim wife. If he has a Muslim wife, temporary marriage with an Ahlul Kitab woman is not permissible without her consent; nay, even with her consent, it is not permissible, based on compulsory precaution.

Temporary Marriage – Muta


Kumail Rajani