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Muslim woman staying in others homes


Assalamu Alaikum. I am 19-year-old Muslim woman studying in the United States. The house I have been staying in is shared by other students; two women, their two male partners. I have to leave my bedroom, and a man is moving in to replace me. As of now, my auntie and her children are visiting, so I will be able to stay with them for the time being. Her son is very respectful and I have space which I share with my female cousin who I was raised with like a sister. However, they are leaving in the coming weeks and I will not have any other family in the United States. I will have nowhere to stay other than on the couch where I was staying previously and in my friend’s homes. I have hijab to sleep in which is safe and free from choking hazard, as well as modest pyjamas. However, I am concerned about general modesty when I do not have my own space, and will be traveling from house to house for shelter. I am wondering if there is any Islamic advice for such a situation (other than marriage), or additional rules to follow. I wonder if it is permissible for non mahram to see me sleep, and even more concerned about the possibility of violation, but I am left with no other choice. I am looking at apartments with four other female students, so inshaallah this will not be an issue for long.


Salaamun alaykum
Thank you for your question.
It would be worth asking your aunt to extend her stay if possible until you can shift in the apartment with the other females.

Ruling 2453. A woman must cover her hair and body, apart from her face and hands, from a non-maḥram man. And the obligatory precaution is that she must also cover her body and hair from a non-bāligh boy who understands good and bad if she deems it probable that him looking at the body of a woman would arouse lustful desires. However, a woman can keep her face and hands up to the wrists uncovered from a non-maḥram man unless she fears that he would fall into sin or she has the intention of making him look at something unlawful; in these two cases, covering those areas as well is obligatory on her.

Looking at Non-Mahram

So a woman can keep her hands and face uncovered in front of a namahram BUT if you.think he will fall into sin then it is obligatory for you to cover that as well.

If you think there is any chance of getting violated then i would advise not to stay in that apartment because it is always better to be safe then sorry. That might mean you would have to move from place to place for shelter and go through alot of trouble but you cannot imagine the worth of this in Allah’s eyes because you will be going through all that trouble just to please Him. And that will not go unseen.
So you will have to see your situation and decide accordingly.

Zahra Davdani.