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Muslim revert in a sikh family


I don’t know where to start with this as I’m in quite a dilemma.
I was born in a Sikh family and saw no truth or peace of mind growing up, I layer embraced the true deen of Islam Alhamdulilah but am now facing a lot of persecution.
My mother keeps making me feel like I’m not a part of her family even though I speak with the utmost respect. She shows affection towards my sister even though my sister uses foul language towards my mother. My question is how do I convince my mum and family that my being a Muslim is not going to do me any harm and that it’s for the best inshallah as my family keep telling each other that it’s just a phase and he’ll grow out of it since I’m only 17.


Salam Alaikum

First of all, I congratulate you that Al Mighty Allah has blessed you with Islam.

Right now you don’t seem to be able to convince them.

Let the time pass, and as you become independent the picture will inshallah change.

Till then try to ignore that issue.

Ask Allah (swt) for help to give you patience and perseverance in his path.

Apart from that, be in touch with good Muslim friends.

If possible have some time to build a deeper understanding of Islam through different means like reading books or having discussions.

Inshallah Muhammad (saw) and his progeny’s blessings are upon all of us and we always take the best decisions in life.

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