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Salaam Alaykum,
Thank you for this service. May Almighty reward you all, InshAllah.
I would like to ask number of questions and hope to get the replies soon.

1. Our responsibility
Looking at what is happening today in muslim world today, the massacre of shias and innocent muslims . The silent of powerful leaders like Arabs. Please enlighten us , is our responsibility is to sit pray only ? is that all. How do I know what is my duty considering that my present Imam (af) would wish the same duty from me ? Please explain I feel am doing nothing for them.

As we hear from our ulemas a lot about muslim unity , especially between shias – sunni . Please explain what is the position of a madrasah teacher , who wants his students to understand what those corrupt leaders did after the demise of holy prophet (saw). Which will obviously create a hatred in their hearts for those corrupt leaders. Now , the moment they hear praises (false praises) of those corrupts from the sunni they cant stop to say the truth which actually angers the sunnis. what do we do ?

3. Praying behind a sunni Imam and Mosque
I heard according to Ayyatulah seestani (my marja) you can do ‘ mustahab Taqiyah’ and pray behind a sunni imam or even furada prayers in sunni Mosque, without putting a turbah for sajdah. In fact you can do sajdah on the same carpet where the sunnis do. Can you kindly confirm this and explain exactly what is mustahab taqiya and what niyyah it requires.

4. Sajdah
Can we do sajdah on Paper, like a piece of white paper usually used in photocopy/Xerox ? Is sajdah on one’s Nails allowed ? all above as substitute to Mohr. – Accoring to Ayatullah seestani pls.

5. Ayesha
The Qur’an calls Ayesha as umul moamineen – hasn’t this phrase elevated her position??
considering all her evil traits can we do l’aan to her

6, Hadith al kisaa
The famous hadith al kisaa we know ends at the point where imam Ali (as) is told the significance of reciting it.
But, majority reference shows even from the sunni sources that hadith e kisaa ends at the point where 5 ahlulbayt (as) are under the cloak and the prophet (saw) makes a dua for them. Can you please give the authenticity of the part following that like the angels ask o God who are under the cloak and God replies……

Thank you .



2. At a Madrasah level, a teacher needs to teach all the facts of Islamic history. One cannot compromise on the belief and faith.

One needs to differentiate between holding religious views vs social harmony and peaceful co-existence. Peaceful co-existence is a need of Muslim Ummah and is something practiced by our Imams and senior aulama. Madrasa teacher needs to teach their students that anger is not the only way they can demonstrate their faith. Rather they can choose a better way of dialogue or invite others towards our faith through the actions.

3. Ayatullah Sistani’s websites quote:

Question: Can one say one’s congregational prayer behind a Sunni Imam with the intention of Jama’at (congregation)? And should one recite al-hamd on his own?

Answer: It is permissible to offer prayer in their congregational prayer. However, it is obligatory upon you to recite al-Hamd and Sura-e Tawhid yourself – be the recitation in low voice though.

Question: I am 19 years old and a convert to Islam of five months. My question is, being a practitioner of Twelver Jaf’ari Islam is it permissible for me to pray behind a Sunni Imam for Salaatul-Jummah and for regular congregational prayers, and is it required to prostrate on Turbah inside a mosque?


Answer: Taking part in Friday and congregational prayers of the Ahl-e Sunnat is permissible in areas where Taqiyah (dissimulation) is required. If you are not going to face a problem, you should, as far as possible, prostrate on a stone or anything upon which Sajda (prostration) is permissible. Prostration on carpets in the case of Taqiyah or out of necessity is permissible and there would be no objection in it. But if you are not offering your prayers with them out of Taqiyah it is not necessary to attend their congregational prayers and you can offer your prayers separately.
1091. It is in order to perform Sajdah on paper, if it is manufactured from allowed sources like wood or grass, and also if it is made from cotton or flax. But if it is made from silk etc., Sajdah on it will not be permissible.
It is not allowed to perform a sajdah on nails.
5. Umul Momeneen means the mother of the believers. It means that a believer can’t marry prophet’s wife.
Yes, its an honour for her but she confronted Imam Ali (as) on the issue of Imamat and Khilafat which she was not supposed to do and this degraded her position.
Kumail Rajani