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Multiple marriages in Islam.


Sir I have to ask a question about 2nd marriage.
This ques always comes in mind when talking about 2nd marriage.
It is said that multiple marriages are right of men, and 1st wife should not object on her husband 2nd marriage. She should be patience and co.operative.
But in my point of view I can understand being woman, it is not possible for woman to see her husband with someone else and keep calm ad patient .
She is the one, who has to compromise the most. She has to compromise on daily expenses, and all above is the time. Before 2nd marriage her husband spend all the time with her. And after his 2nd marriage, 1st wife has to compromise, now her husband will spend one night with her, and 2nd with the other.
In short, successful multiple marriages rely on compromise of wives.
So, in case of husband’s 2nd marriage, if a wife doesn’t want to compromise, she has feelings of hatred for her husband.
Can she seek divorce?


As-salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

Thanks for your question

According to Quran 4:3 man must treat his wives fairly; and if he cannot then he should have a single wife.

If a woman can’t or doesn’t want to compromise for second marriage she must declare it before marriage as a condition of marriage. Of course she can seek divorce but the husband is the one that must do the divorce.


Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi