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Daughters treated badly by mothers


Assalamuwalaikum. I am a Muslim woman by faith and was raised in a Muslim family. My father and mother got separated when i was 10 years old. They are not divorced but they haven’t seen each other or talked with each other for the last 20 years. Our family runs through our father’s money and i was always the one sent to my father when financial assistance was needed. I have an elder brother he doesn’t talk any responsibility of the family, that’s why my mother always used to send me to my father asking for money and all other necessities.

I am married for 4 years now. I always had the feeling i am being used by my mother for financial reasons as my father gave us money when i begged for it. My mother never paid for me for anything. After i got a job i pay money to my mother from time to time, buy her necessities n take care of anything she needs. My mother has property disputes with her brothers, and i take care of the cases at the court. My elder brother does nothing at all but he is always the one getting everything, even the money my father sends for us are being invested upon my brother or my mother’s sister. Till date i never received any financial assistance from my mother.

I have problems eating food at my in laws. So the only thing my mother does was to send me some food from time to time. I always have been treated very badly by my mother, she taunts me puts me down if i dont do any of her works or do as she says. Trauma since childhood had been so aggressive that once i had alot of sleeping pills to end my life. My husband supports me alot and we had good understanding but my mother poisons me against my husband and says rubbish about him all the time to her sisters n son.

I know Islam gives mother the highest priority and yes as per popular norm my mother is suppose to be my closet. I cannot stay in peace when she mistreats me for her benefit. She gives all her money to my aunt her sister. I protested once and after hanging up the phone, which she thought she hung up was actually active and i heard my mother telling her sister how she doesn’t care about my existence n only talks to me because of the ease of life and financial support i give her. My question is what does islam say about these kind of mothers? According to my mother all of her maltreatment towards me is justified cause she brought me to this world. Is it so ? I suffer every day emotionally. I cannot trust anyone nor can behave nicely with my very religious husband. What should i do and what does islam say about abused daughters like us?


Alikum Salam
Thank You for your Question
Kindly refer to the following link for your answer

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Assalamuaikum I am a Revert. I embraced Islam 3 years ago. I come from an Indian Hindu Family. My mother is an extremely rude lady. All my childhood I have seen her fighting with my father and other family members.

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