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mother making relationship sour


Assalamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu imam. I have recently had my nikah, I am an only daughter to my mum. My dad is back home. As am an only child my husband is living with my mum n me instead of us living in our own house. However all of my mums siblings are in this country settled. My mother is creating unnecessary problems and not speaking to my husband, and she is misunderstanding my in laws and calling them evil. She is not ready to hear them out. In this situation if my husband says he cnt stay with my mum, then can I leave with him? As far as I know islam says to obey husband before ur parent, am I correct? Can you please guide me. My mum is making my new relationship sour, she is not caring about my happiness. She shouts unnecessarily and misunderstand people a lot.

Wa Alaykum salaam.
I am sorry to hear about your problem. It must be very hard to get stuck between your dear ones. May Allah help you.
According to Islam after nikah, the woman’s first priority should be her husband, his dignity and comfort.
If your husband is not comfortable in your mother’s home, it’s your duty to stay where he stays.
Simultaneously you cannot discard your mother. It is your duty to take care of her and be kind to her.
 I suggest you  arrange for someone – a relative or a caretaker – to come and stay with her. You can also plan and set your your timings in such a way that you are able to spend some good time with her.
Allah will reward you for this.
Sukaina Taqawi