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mother is favouring elder son in all inheritance share



1. If the husbands has used his wife name in property ibecause of tax reason so ,does that property belong to wife.Like after husbands death will it belong to her.

2. If father has made will before his death & divided every thing according to Islamic laws to their all children ,does mother has right to change the will.

3. Mother is favoring big son & giving him all inheritance & emotionally telling other children to leave their share. She is telling that his Elder son will give other children inheritance later but for now ,he will use other children share also, is it right?


Waalaylum Salam.

1- The wife doesn’t become the owner of the property in this case. The property Needs to be divided according to the Islamic law.
2- she cannot change the will of the father. She is not allowed to do so.
3- It isn’t right. She cannot emotionally persuade other children to give their share.

Kind regards