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mother being cause of rift


In a dispute between mother and wife, if its clear that mother is not willing to see his son and daughter in law happy. And is involved in conspiracies to make apart both husband and wife, what should a son do? Islam clearly describes the respect and honour of a mother to his son and Islam also says that in two women his mother and wife son should follow his mother in any case. But if it all happens due to the mother, and mother tries to create disputes between husband and wife, what should be the reaction of a son should be to his mother? Either he follow his mother or keep the knot of marriage more tight? Kindly answer


Salaam Alaykum.

Islam says to respect your mother in any case, but does not allow you to oppress your wife in doing so. Respect is something other than to listen to her even when she is directing you to something wrong. In your case, you must assist the Peron who is “right” be it your mother or wife. But in any case you must not disrespect or belittle your mother.

No mother is happy to see her children this case it looks like your mother feels neglected or left out. To mend this I would suggest you spend some solo time with her and give her attention. She needs to feel.more.loved and cared for. All this should be done minus your wife..just you and your mother.

Kind regards