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Moral Dilemma


Assalamu Alikum, may the blessings of Allah be upon you. I am thankful to find this amazing site online that help humans in their critical times. Respected Sir, I am Alhumadullah a successful professional who earns a good sum of money and enjoy a good life. But it was back in 2016 that I fell in love a Girl (A) who was engaged and was about to marry. Her fiance was Australian National, with a rich family background in Pakistan but the girl decided to leave her man for me and marry me. She tried her best to set herself free from him, but no one listened to her, she asked me to elope with her, but that was not the right path and I declined. I ask her that even if she gets married, I will marry her provided that she seek a divorce from her husband. Her husband did not listen to her, they both married. It was another detail that how did we both feel about that but to cut and short he came to Pakistan for 2 weeks and went back to Australia. But this lady slowly and gradually started feeling positive about her husband and she was optimistic that her issue may be settled down soon with her in-laws. I asked her several times, waited for her for about one year but she was optimistic that her hubby will come back soon and she will lead a good life. I am 27 years old, my family really wanted me to marry and therefore I did not have any other option to find out a girl for me. It was just 4 months back I started another serious relationship with another Girl (B) and we both really want to marry asap. I am about to send my parents to ask for her hand as we both love each other. She is so much involved in me now! Now, this morning, I received a message from Girl A that she is going to get divorced soon and her issue is not getting resolved. She indirectly communicated to me that she wants me to marry her and leave everyone for her, If I leave Girl B, she will never forgive me and will be hurt forever. If I leave Girl A alone, she will live a destitute life thinking that was done with her because of me. Today, I literally cried as I do not know what to do, I do not have any mentor to guide me, but I believe a true Alim, a God Fearing individual person like me can better guide me. Since morning, I am really upset and stuck in a huge moral dilemma. Please, help me and guide me for that sake of Allah before I take a step and God Forbid break the heart of any one of these girls.

Salaamun Alaykum.
Thank you for your question. According to what you have described there is no way to avoid someone getting hurt and this is the natural consequence of your actions. You just have to decide which option is less harmful and try to learn from your experience.
May you be successful