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Moon Sighting


I have heard a discussion on one of the Shia TV in which the scholar was saying that there isn’t Taqlid on the issue of Moon sighting. This means that if 2 Adil persons give testimony of sighting of the moon provided they do not differ in their statement,we are obliged to accept without asking them they are under the Taqlid of which Marja? Kindly clarify for if such is true then it will enable us Perform the A’maals of Shabe Qadr in unison on three Nights only instead of the present trend of 6 Nights of A’maal. It seems that we are divided under Ayatullah Khui and Ayatullah Seestani on the issue of sighting of the new moon.


Yes, that is true. It is something to do with sighting and is not a theoretical decision where you need Marja’s view.

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But the difference of Ayatullah Khoei and Ayatullah Sistani still remains. Because it has something to do with “Sharing the Night” vs. “Sharing the Horizon”

Ayatullah Khoei believed that the locations which share one night can celebrate eid if one of those countries sight the moon.

However, Aytullah Sistani believe in the concept of sharing the horizon. Based on this view, watch region has its own curve of sighting which is different from others. Yes, if the two locations share a single horizon in such a way that if the moon is sighted in one location, there must be a significant probability that it would be sighted in the other location too then they can celebrate eid on the same day.

Kumail Rajani