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Money Earned by Google Adsense


Assalam o alaikum,

I wanted to ask a question…but let me explain the whole thing first… there is an option of earning money by youtube, if we connect our youtube account with google adsense, they start putting ads on our uploaded videos, and if the viewers click/watch those ads, we can receive money… i wanted to ask whether it is halal or haram, now i might clarify that the content uploaded on youtube channel is about apps like candy crush etc(without music)…but the problem is ads that are posted on our videos fall into many categories which might include some haram stuff.. Question is if we block those unislamic/haram categories e.g. porn, music, wine etc, (because we have the option to filter/block ads) …if we try our 100% to block and filter these ads , then either the money earned will be halal? or should we still refrain from this method of earning… reply will be appreciated, JAZAKALLAH


Wa-Alaykum As Salaam

There is nothing we have come accross to suggest this is not permissible.


S.L Al Hakim.