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Mistakenly accused.


Aslaam alaikum

My husband had a gambling issue few years ago he had to steal money from my wardrobe to feed his habit when I caught him red handed and he promised to reform anyway after few months I mistakenly put my iPad somewhere and I forgot where I stored it so I accused him and he took oaths that it wasn’t him so I told him to block himself from all gambling sites which he done .
So everything was fine between us. He stopped gambling . Couple of days ago I found the missing iPad and now after few years I don’t want to bring this up and tell him I found it I’m thinking to keep it to myself but I’m worried I’m sinning for not letting him know that I know he never stole it am I sinning for not telling him I found it ?
I only accused him because at that time he was stealing money anyway because of gambling.
Please advice me.


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

Alhamdulillah im glad that your husband has left the habit and the sins that entailed it.

So, the first thing that occurred to me was that loosing your iPad was like a blessing in disguise. A forced blessing that stopped him continuing the Ill he was doing to his soul and his family altogether.

I’m not sure of your inner circumstances with your husband and house life, but If he is an understanding person and is not gambling anymore, then it will be worth letting him know that you found the laptop but loosing it in the first place was like a help in disguise from Allah (az) and this act saved him from so many chained sins.

InshaAllah this was useful.
Please make a decision that will best suit your situation.