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Methodologies in History


I pray all is well Inshallah.

I write to you to ask the following questions concerning methodological approaches to the study of history within the Shi’ah school of thought. I am currently a student of history at university and some of these questions are ones I have been struggling with for a while.

1. What is the position taken by the Shi’ah school in relation to postmodern forms of analysis in the study of history?

2. Do we possess a codified Shi’ah approach to historiography?

3. How do we account for the formative period of Islamic historiography in so far as the formation of akhbar and hadith traditions are concerned?

4. In an instance where the view of a historian and a jurist on a particular source of history is contradictory, whose opinion takes precedence?

5. In the derivation of laws, what consideration is given to the historicity of sources that are considered dubious by some historians?

6. Why is qiyaas, as well as, counterfactual discussions, an acceptable form of analysis of history but not in fiqh?

7. Is historicism permissible?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes and kind regards,


This series of questions would require a detailed response which I believe is outside the remit of this question/answer forum.
The answers can be obtained from research in the relevant specialist works.
Kind regards,
Abbas Jaffer