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Isha Nafilah Prayer


Salaamon alaykum,

In nafilah of isha prayer, the person is required to sit and pray, Can you please help with the steps of  How to offer prayers in sitting position?

Jazak allah khair. Allah hafiz



Nafila of Isha prayer is recommended to be prayed immediately after isha prayers.
You finish your Isha prayers, (do not stand)  – in the same sitting position  you start your nafila
1st rakaat – say Takbiratul Ihram and continue with Qiraat.
and then you bend down a bit – being in the position of rukuu, and recite the dhikr of rukuu
and then go in to sajdah as normal  – (two sajdahs)
then, back in the position of sitting with the dhikr of Bihaulillahi  wa quwwatihi aqumu wa aq’ud
you continue the second rakaat like the first and end with Tashahhud and Salaam.

Wabillahi Taufiq

Kanize Zainab