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Menstruation Related


I finished my periods on Thursday night and on Sunday after Asr namaz I saw light blood penetrated in my undergarment. After an hour I re checked blood is from inside only. Please guide me about my Zohr & Asr prayers that I had prayed prior and my Maghreb & Isha prayers that I want to pray later. Thank you. Jazakallah


Since you do not have a fixed duration in menstruation cycle, the answer below is for you.

According to the rulings of his eminence Ayatullah Sistani:
Any act of worship performed with the certainty that one was clean -paak- while
performing it is correct and accepted.
Pertaining to the second part of the question, you will be praying your Maghrib and
isha only if the days of your bleeding have crossed 10. Otherwise any blood seen
before that is haidh…
(Part of your question is answered under this : (part of Q 9)
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