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Menstrual cycle ended in 3days, can I fast now



My periods have stopped after 3 days but I cant say for sure if the bleeding will come back, can i now fast or do i wait for the 7 days of my cycle?

Thank you


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

so it is obligatory one one to do a test before taking a step further. The test is done  to know your situation I.e. whether you are Paak or not.

kindly read the following Rulings by Sayyid Sistani on the same:

Ruling 489. If a mubtadiʾah, muḍṭaribah, nāsiyah, or a woman with a habit of duration experiences bleeding and the blood has the attributes of ḥayḍ, or, if she is certain that her bleeding will last for three days, she must refrain from engaging in ritual acts of worship. And in the event that she realises afterwards that it was not ḥayḍ, she must make up the ritual acts of worship that she did not perform.

and also:

Ruling 495. If a woman’s bleeding stops before ten days and she deems it probable that there is blood inside, she must either perform ritual acts of worship as a precautionary measure or perform istibrāʾ; and it is not permitted for her to refrain from worshipping without performing istibrāʾ. Istibrāʾ here means she must insert some cotton inside the vagina and wait for a short while – and if her habit is such that her bleeding stops for a short while in the middle of ḥayḍ, as it has been said of some women, she must wait for a longer time – then, she must bring the cotton out. If it is clean, she must perform ghusl and perform her ritual acts of worship; and if it is not clean – even if it is stained with a yellow-coloured liquid – then, in the event that she does not have a habit of ḥayḍ, or her habit is ten days, or the days of her habit have not yet finished, she must wait. If her bleeding stops before ten days, she must perform ghusl; and if her bleeding stops on the tenth day or her bleeding lasts for more than ten days, she must perform ghusl on the tenth day. And if her habit is less than ten days, then in case she knows that her bleeding will stop before the completion of ten days or on the tenth day, she must not perform ghusl.

should you wish to read further on the same, kindly refer to the following link: