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Will I be able to meet Fictional characters in jannah


This may be silly but In jannah I want to meet fictional characters now i know my concern should be entering jannah and im fully aware but this is a question that has been bugging me for years but will i remember things i desired on earth and will i be able to ask for them in jannah and i know allah can give me better but this is the only wordly thing i desire is this possible?


Wa alaykum salaam
Thank you for your question.

According to Quranic veses those people who will go to jannah will be granted whatever they ask for.

As to whether a person will remember what he wanted in this world or not ,we have evidences that state that a person who goes to jannah will remember his family members and ask about them. In another hadith it is stated that on the day of judgement when a man’s book of deeds will be brought infront of him,upon seeing some good deeds written in his book deed, he will ask the angels ” I never performed these good deeds, how come they are written in this book ( naame aamal?)’?.
These ahadith show that on the day of judgement and in jannah, a person will remember what he wanted and did in this world.

S Taqawi.