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Tafsir of an Ayah (4:34)



Can you explain me the ayat of Surah Nisa(4:34) “and [finally], strike them” ,as Islam opposes any violence against woman then what is actual meaning of this aayat.


Alaykum Salaam

The word “dharaba” can mean “to beat” but it is unlikely to be the meaning here as it goes against both Qur’anic verses as well as Prophetic traditions

The Qur’an itself uses it in the meaning of “setting parables” in the majority of cases.

It also uses the word in the meaning of “condemn” (2:61) or  “setting up” (57:13) or “cover” (24:31) or “explain” (13:17) and other meanings besides as well.

It is more plausible that the word here means to separate from them permanently as a last resort.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer