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Meaning of ‘Makruh’ in Hayz?


What does the word Makruh mean when it is said that for the women in period it is Makruh to recite the Qur’an.


Basically, there are two types of Makruh:

1. Makruh in ‘Ibadat such as recitation of Quran: Makruh here means the act is something which pleases Allah (swt) BUT you get less reward due to something which clashes the sanctity of that particular thing.

2. Makruh in Non ‘Ibadi things such as “not to sell Kafan” (selling Kafan is not an ‘ibadi thing): Makruh here means it is not adored by the Lord. So in the question, Makruh falls in the first category. For the details if the ruling, please refer to tawdih al Masail.

Kumail Rajani