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May I disobey of my father..?


Assalam o Alaikum

Me and my cousin (My father’s nephew) were married with my aunt’s daughters. My wife is elder than my cousin’s wife. Whereas My cousin’s sister was married with my Brother in law. She died after baby birth. My uncle (my father’s big brother) fought with my inlaws and snatched the dead body of my cousin (my father’s niece, who was the wife of my brother in law). After that my father and my uncles quite my whole inlaws family and also told me that no relations with them. In this matter i am very worried and want that they again meet like a whole family. What can i do now..? Because i think that my laws have right of taking the dead body of my cousin (my father’s niece). In this situation can i disobey my father…?
Please gave a guideline.
Jazak Allah


Wa Alaikum al-salam

thanks for your question

May Allah swt forgave her and brig peace to your family.

According to Islam The duty of burial ritual and it’s expanses are on husband.

Obeying father’s order is obligatory/Wajib as far as it doesn’t contradict with haram. Ṣilat al-raḥim and connecting to ralatives is a wajib act and breaking off ties with them is a great sin and Haram in Islam (although Ṣilat al-raḥim toward blood relationship which is made by blood is Obligatory but there are different opinions regarding In-law relationship which is made through marriage). However, in your case, your in laws are also your blood relatives as well you can not break off your ties with them but you can do this in a way that your father doesn’t realize that.

Inshallah Allah swt bring peace between your father and your in laws.


sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi