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Maulana sahab refused to offer funeral prayers because of the presence of a person who is considered murtad in eyes.


Moulana Sb denied to offer the funeral prayer of a woman just because a man was going to be among the other muslims who were to offer the prayers behind moulana…Moulana Sb consider that man a sinner and murtad and had asked the family that he will lead the prayers only if that man won’t be allowed to stand behind him.
How islam sees this matter…


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query

Funeral prayer has some specific rulings and requirements. Even though it is known as a prayer but it is more like a Dua that is why it can be performed without wudhu also and it doesn’t contain Ruku’ or Sujood.

Even if the person is Murtad, his participation in funeral prayer won’t harm the prayer and shouldn’t be delayed just for this reason let alone the person be a sinner, as we all are sinners and the Salat can’t be delayed because of the sinners.

Murtad has specific rulings then only the person becomes murtad. To read more about Murtad(Apostasy) please visit:


Syed Haider