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Masturbation in Sleep


Assalam u alaikum,

sir i have a very big problem, i masturbate while i’m sleeping, it is affecting me alot, i want to stop it but i’m not able to stop please help, i have searched in google but didn’t find any accurate answer, so i am here, i’m not able to stop myself because im asleep when it is happens, then i’m sad because i have done a sin…..

please help me sir as soon as possible



Alaikum salaam.

If semen comes out of you whilst you are asleep, even though you see bad scenes in your dream, then this does not count as masturbation and it is not a sin. You just have to do ghusl and ensure your clothes and the bed sheets are washed islamically.
​The masturbation which is a big sin is when one purposely does something to have semen come out of him.

May the All-Merciful assist you.

Miqdad Rajabali