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Masturbation not allowed in Islam


Salam. I have recently gotten into islam Alhamdulillah and am single teenager and need guidance. My question is what does Islam say about masturbation. I know theirs a difference of opinion and I looked at many articles online some allowing it some forbidding it. I recently made istikhara for Allah’s guidance and i’m looking to consult others to form an opinion. I ask this question because I have stopped masturbating for a few weeks now and I have been experiencing wet dream far more often. My life has been a bit harder and if it is not forbidden it will remove a huge burden from my life, if it is forbidden I will try my best to please Allah SWT hoping for rewards in the hereafter. I ask for your help and am eager for your reply!


Walikum Salam Brother
Kindly refer to the following link for your answer: Masturbation in Islam

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم. My dear brother, We can divide your question in to two parts: 1) Masturbation: Is it allowed and how to overcome the urge to do so.

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