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Masturbation during ramzan


Hello, I have a question. Suppose you are masturbating during Ramadan but it was not the intention to get an ejaculation but it still happens. Is it a sin and what should you do if the answer is yes?

This is the ruling according to Ayatullah Seestani regarding your question.
: If a person masturbates with the intention of ejaculating and actually ejaculates, his fast is rendered invalid and he must make it up by way of qadha as well as pay the penalty (kaffara) which is fasting for two successive months or feeding sixty poor people. If he masturbates with the intention of ejaculating but does not ejaculate, he must complete the fast with the intention of pleasing the Almighty and then do it qadha.
If he masturbates without the intention of ejaculating and he does not normally ejaculate, knowing that discharge is probable and it actually happens —he has to do qadha without the penalty. However, if such a person was confident that no discharge would take place and it actually happens — no qadha is required. In all these cases, there is no difference between a man and a woman.
Salma Alavi.