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Marying a person from a lower cast


Aoa m so tense m in love with a boy who is from very low cast like marasi and I belong to a jhammat high cast
In all other expects our families are very well settled and now m so tense that I love him a lot his family and he does too
But now m going to marry him
M confused what should I do I should leave him just on the basis of cast he is a dr and from dr family and he is hafize Quran what should I do?
Should I leave him and marry a man of good cast
What should I do?
Should I fear the relatives and society and forget him and his every thing
I know there is no any difference in Islam but what should i do? pls guide me something so peaceful


Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your question

As you mentioned,  in Islam there is nothing like class or cast difference.  The best person in the eyes of Allah s.w.t is the one who has taqwa (piety).

According to Islamic teachings,there is nothing wrong in marrying a person from a lower cast as long as he is a good and pious person. Rather Islam encourages people to do so.

From what I have understood from your question is  that it seems that  you are  well aware of the  Islamic opinion regarding this issue but you have a problem with what people will say about you marrying a person from a lower cast.

Dear sister to change people’s minds has never been very easy. If you are sure  that your actions are in accordance with the Islamic teachings and  that your Lord is pleased  with what you are doing,there is nothing to worry about.

Have trust on Allah and be strong. He will surely help you.

Sukaina Taqavi