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Marrying within community or outside


1. When seeking a spouse should the 1st / FIRST priority be given within the same community Or outside the community ?

2. Aren’t we told by ALL Chawdaee masoomeens that 1st / FIRST turn the lights on in ur own home, community, state, etc etc ?

3. Didn’t the prophet marry Khadijah whom both of them had known each other under their nose / eyes and the prophet didn’t travel across the desert / land / seas for a spouse ???

4. Also didn’t Ali and Fatemah know each other and grew up under each other’s nose / eyes and Ali didn’t go across the dessert / lands / seas to select a spouse ???

So to conclude shouldn’t we be following the above examples as our role models ?



Thank you for your question. While the examples you cited from the history of the Infallibles (as) are correct, other members of the Ahl al-Bayt (as) married from outside of their communities and some of the wives and mothers of the Imams (as) were from places far from Arabia. They also married ladies outside of the Bani Hashim. Furthermore, the reports narrated from them (as) do not emphasise marrying from ones own community or to give priority to ones own community over others. Rather what is emphasised is that when seeking a spouse a person should look for someone with praiseworthy traits, taqwa being the most important, but other traits as well such as the ability to bear children, manners and good looks.

For practical purposes it is usually easier to assess these qualities in people that you know and people are usually more aware of the people they grow up around. But it is possible for people to assess these factors in people outside of their localities as well. As for the issue of improving yourself and then your community it is not related to this directly.

May you always be successful

Zohair Ali.