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Repenting marrying against family wish….


Salam u alikum,

I am asking for a friend who is struggling with her life as she is married to a man whom she loved and did court marriage. She is in guilt and always depressed that she put her family down. Most of the family has forgiven her for her actions but they won’t talk to her in the same way. She says she won’t feel like any of her prayers are accepted by Allah. And feels no joy in her life and consider herself a very bad person.

She has been married for 7 years and has a daughter and now she doesn’t feel the same for the person she married because she feels he is the reason she did wrong to her family and he ruined her life. Their relationship is badly affected. Please help them.
She has asked for forgiveness from the family. she is worried what if she dies in this condition that the family hasn’t forgiven her?

Please Help.


Salamun Alaykum

A court marriage( a civil ceremony) is not sufficient unless ‘Aqd of Nikah is also recited. She should ensure that that is done immediately.

As for her family, as long as she has sincerely asked for their forgiveness for any wrongdoing, then that is all she can do at this point. She is not liable for anything else.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer