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Marrying after husband’s death


Assalam u Alaikum Warahmatullah
My question is about remarrying of a widow. My husband whom I loved deeply died a year ago. I do not want to remarry. But The society and relatives are pressurizing me to get married again. I have got few reasonable proposals as well. But the objection i have is I want to be with my late husband in jannah. I have heard that a woman in jannah will be with the husband whom she is married in this world. So if i remarry any of these proposals, i would be with him and not with my deceased husband. Can I reject these proposals on this reason? Will Allah Subhanwataala be angry on me of not re-marrying due to this reason?

Jazaaka Allah wa Khairun wa kaserrun


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for asking.

I would recommend you to read the following question and the concise answer mentioned below and read the detailed answer from the link given below; which will enlighten on this issue.

Q: Is it possible that after death a mu’min husband and wife will live together? If it’s possible, under what conditions?

A: The specific conditions and details of how we will live in the next world are not completely known to anyone except the infallibles (masoomeen). With this in mind the relationship between a husband and a wife is something that is related to this world and pious women are not forced to live with their husbands from their previous life in the hereafter. Naturally, if they themselves wish to live with their previous husbands, they can; there is no problem with this. Likewise for women who in this world are without husbands or women with sinful husbands who are hell-bound (such as Asiya who was the wife of the Pharaoh), they are going to enjoy the company of righteous heavenly husbands.

All the scholars say it is obligatory for a person to marry who falls into sin.

Ayatullah al-Udhma Sayyid Ali Sistany:

Ruling 2461. It is obligatory for someone who falls into sin on account of not having a wife to get married.

This may be applied for the women as well who falls into sin on account of not having a husband

I would like to mention some points here:

The concept of not marrying in this world after the demise of the first husband refrains one from the Sunnate Hasanah.
We never know those traditions or Riwayat which say about the context as you mentioned, may be unauthentic. What if those are unauthentic? You will be deprived of making a new family just because of something which is not the reality. And what if, Allah swt with all His mercies make you live with both husbands in Jannah? There is a lot of difference between this world and the Hereafter.
What if(God forbid) one of the husband and wife is in Paradise but the other in the Hellfire? We can’t judge in this world easily. Allah swt is the best Judge. (like Firaun in Hell and his wife Asiya in Paradise).
Making a good family, bringing up the good child, fulfilling the Halal desires if all of these are done with the intention of worship then one gets the reward for it.
If a man or woman have choice but do not marry rather fall in Haram, then definitely Allah swt will not like it
If a woman is aged or do not want to marry again, she has the option not to marry but just not remarrying merely because of the hadith which we never know is authentic or not is not a good idea
Some say that the people in Paradise will have the option to stay with whoever they want.
You are lucky to have such family and relatives who are helping you in re marrying whereas there are some communities where the family or relatives of a widow never let the girl remarry which is Zulm.

May Allah swt give us Tawfiq to perform good deeds and be rewarded with Paradise.


Syed Haider